The First Week of College

As I mentioned on the Home page, I am a freshman at Muhlenberg College.

The First Week of College:

College is not bad. In fact, it is pretty awesome! I’ve been here for about a week and my experiences have been filled with a plethora of new opportunities.

I’m taking four courses —  all of which seem interesting. In fact, one of the courses I am taking is my first year seminar (required for all freshman). In this seminar, I am studying the digital world and its many roles in society.

I have to be honest though. At first I was nervous and worried since the professor is also the library assistant and my academic adviser. I thought there would be a lot of reading and little technology use.

However, already just from having two classes with her my experience has been extremely enlightening. I find the course to be interesting and manageable. In fact, one of the assignments for this class is creating this very post! 🙂

I find having my own website presence to be very rewarding. I already have planned to use it throughout college and even beyond that for my future career.

I also view technology as a major role in my life. For example, I believe social media plays a significant influence in our digital society. While social media allows us to connect and engage abroad in a quick and convenient manner, there are some disadvantages. Specifically, individuals can misinterpret messages throughout all forms of social media due to the absence of tone and body language that one would otherwise have with face-to-face communication. However, social media allows us to reach broader audiences and network with people we may otherwise have not been able to. For example, businesses (my major) use viral marketing strategies to target customers. As the business landscape has changed drastically, and communications plays a much greater role in business now, social media may only continue to shape business. Thus, I believe technology and its role in society is an interesting and important field to study.

I have no concerns over having a public academic presence.

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