My Incredible Journey Through Technology

My lifetime journey using a multitude of technologies has been amazing! My use of technology has evolved from an enjoyable pastime as a young child to an absolutely indispensable part of my life now. To be honest, my earliest interaction with technology started before I was born. A fetal ultrasound reassured my anxious parents that I was progressing beautifully in my mother’s uterus.

As a preschooler, I became hooked on CD-ROMs.  I fondly recall a rainy Sunday morning when I was 3 years old. I woke up to a loud thump on my bed where a wrapped package had just landed. I immediately opened it and found many CD-ROMs including computer games starring Reader Rabbit teaching math and reading and Barney the purple dinosaur orchestrating games.                           


I remember pointing at the discs with great excitement and asking my dad for instructions on how to use these wondrous inventions. I followed my dad to our bulky computer and was introduced to a seemingly infinite new world of opportunity and wonderment.I also learned at a young age that my use of technology could delight others (particularly parents). On a family trip to Washington DC, I had the good fortune to visit the Newseum where via the use of fantastic technology I was able to broadcast a news report.

Newseum Video

Later in Washington, through photographic editing I was able to magically have my picture taken with President Obama.


Increasingly sophisticated electronic games became my passion. Starting with CD-ROMs, I then moved to Game-boy, Nintendo DS, Wii, Xbox, and broadband internet.

I also then began to appreciate our “smart house” which allowed for control of lighting, heat and air-conditioning, and my favorite activity, playing audio CDs that could be controlled by a keypad in my room.

In high school, my laptop was my single most important tool. As one of a multitude of examples, I found that when I didn’t understand a concept, I usually could find a video on YouTube that helped me understand even the most challenging topics. As an active competitor in my school’s Stock Market Club, I actively researched companies and utilized a myriad of electronic financial tools to help me determine whether or not to invest in in particular companies. While we did not invest real money, my computer-guided strategies lead to much success.

One of my aspirations is to become an entrepreneur. It is clear to me that utilizing the best technologies available will be a key factor in helping me to be successful. I plan to try to keep up with the newest technologies as they are developed. But my greatest dream is to think of and then actually create a new technology that will help people tremendously in their everyday lives.

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