Get Ready: The Future of Smart Home Technology

The digital world is upon us: technology now dominates our lives at an accelerating pace and there is no going back. In researching the future of technology, one key area that is near and dear to us is our homes. The myriad of advances in smart home applications has helped us live more comfortably with much less effort. Upcoming advances will enhance our lives even more.

Having grown up in an interconnected house, I have come to appreciate the tremendous utility that our smart home has provided. Using a keypad in my bedroom, I can precisely control the temperature for every hour and every day of the week. By pushing a single button, I can create the perfect mood by instantly creating a specific lighting scene or by selecting any of an almost infinite number of songs.

However, I feel that smart home technology can and absolutely will be greatly expanded.  As examples, I envision voice-activated robots doing household tasks such as preparing meals, vacuuming carpets, or perhaps even cleaning up after a party before your parents arrive back home! Additionally, I imagine refrigerators that auto-restock themselves when the quantity of items decreases to a low level. Your favorite foods will always be there for you! Precious energy can be saved by elaborate control systems that include solar panels, window shades, multiple sensors and a connected computer to optimize the acquisition of solar energy and minimize energy loss.

Imagine the components of your house having the capacity to self-diagnose and self-repair before a problem develops. For example, wouldn’t it be amazing if a water pipe in your basement could detect a point of structural weakness in the pipe and perhaps even have the capacity to self-repair before a single drop of water lands on your basement floor!

These smart home advances are all possible if people armed with the knowledge of the latest technology capabilities fully commit themselves to creating these previously unimagined advancements. I hope to be one of these people who can bring these concepts into reality to help enhance all of our lives.


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